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For over two decades, Smartlink has served customers needs across multiple network real estate intiatives, with the goal of acquiring and optimizing sites to negotiate efficient leases and manage our customers' assets. 

Smartlink acquired RealComm in 2012, enabling Smartlink's growth to manage network real estate nationally. Today, Smartlink holds relationships with over 25,000 jurisdictions nationwide. It is these relationships that allow us to manage our customers' network real estate needs at the local level, while managing their portfolio of sites globally, utilizing our proprietary project management software, SMART Track. 

The Link. It's what you're missing.


Program Management
Real Estate Entitlements (Leasing)
Jurisdictional Entitlements (Permits & Zoning)
Regulatory Entitlements
Lease Renewals
Lease Optimization
Site Acquisition 
Asset Ownership & Management

By the Numbers

20 Years Experience

Managed 125,000+ Unique Sites

Operated in 25,000+ Jurisdictions

Over 60,000 Real Estate Transactions

Saved Over $50 Million for our Clients

Communication Tower

"It is not often that you find a company that understands the needs of its customers like Smartlink. When you need a company to deliver results, you won’t find one better in the ever-changing climate we have today. They become part of the team where they showcase their dedication to our business and deliver on critical business objectives time after time with ease."

- Operations Executive, Global Carrier

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