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At Smartlink, we are determined to improve how our industry does business by developing solutions and efficiencies. Our customers count on the integrity of the data we provide them to make business decisions. Projects and data are managed through SMART Track, Smartlink's proprietary software built specifically for this work. In 2018, Smartlink acquired The Brogdon Group to significantly expand asset inventory and management offerings nationwide.


Smartlink is capable of driving potential savings in the millions ($) while simultaneously cleaning up equipment inventory and locations, which allows customers to have better visibility into their bill plan today and in the future. With industry-leading accuracy, scalability and fast turnaround times, Smartlink's Asset Inventory & Management division saves customers time and money, mitigates their administrative burden and improves the data integrity of their internal systems. 

The Link. It's what you're missing.

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Inventory Management

Inventory Reconciliation


Asset Harvesting

Asset Relocations


Battery Testing & Installation


  • Central Office Inventories (Wireline, Long Distance, Mobility, Cell Sites)

  • Garage Inventories

  • Asset Inventory

  • Asset Recovery

  • Warehouse Management

  • OSP Engineering (utility poles, manholes, handholes, remote terminals, conduit, fiber verification, vault validation, copper verification, cross box validation)

  • Inventory & Catalog of Acquired Assets

    • Performed full audit of assets (ground only, no tower) at Cell Site, Switch, and Data Center location

    • Mapped Each piece of equipment to customer’s catalog

    • If not located details were captured and shared with the catalog team

    • All asset tagged equipment retagged per customer standards

    • Items bulk transferred

    • Existing tags and generic part codes were converted to valid asset tags and specific (identifiable) part codes in the customer’s catalog

    • Additional site audit data was captured during the asset detailing efforts

    • Data included information about battery strings, generators, shelters, and other information unique to the scope of the asset detailing project

  • Project Management

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14 Years Asset Inventory Experience

55 Million+ Assets Inventoried

Over $500 Million Saved in Recovered Assets

16,000 Average Sites Touched Annually

30,000+ Utility Poles Audited

100,000+ RAN Locations Inventoried

Operated in All 50 States & US Territories

SMART Track Proprietary Software

Locally Self-Performed, Managed Globally

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Smartlink's proprietary project management and inventory software, SMART Track, drives efficiency for both back office and the customer. Built with deliberate customizations for the telecom industry, SMART Track enables quality control checkpoints, scheduling and mapping capabilities for the back office; as well as customer-facing interface which allows customers to follow and manage the lifecycle audit from beginning to end.


Develop an inventory schedule with central office personnel.


Meet with and walk through the facility with key stakeholders.


Perform an inventory by scanning each individual asset into SMART Track.


Upload inventory information from SMART Track into our client's preferred enterprise system.


Create an excess report deliverable for our client, detailing which equipment are in-use and which are spares.


Collect spare equipment to be shipped per client's request.


Finalize recovery project with assessment of revenue gained.

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