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Robust and modern: CoupleSet rings made of stainless steel

Friendship rings signify the special connection between two people who are close. They are a way to express their affection by displaying a piece of jewelry. In contrast to engagement rings and wedding bands, friendship rings tend to be less expensive however they are still stylish and highlight personal style. With its benefits stainless steel is one of the most sought-after metals for friendship rings.

One of the main advantages of an ring made of stainless steel is the price. When compared to silver, gold or platinum, stainless is both affordable and strong. The metal is renowned for its hardness and durability. These rings are not likely to show any signs of wear or wear and tear, like scratches in daily use. The disadvantage is that stainless steel rings cannot be reduced or increased later. Allergy sufferers will appreciate stainless steel jewelry because it is skin-friendly. You must ensure that the nickel content is at a minimum.

If stainless steel rings appear too big for your taste You can opt for slightly more expensive rings made of silver or white gold. A bicolor ring made of steel with rose gold or yellow gold, or a mix of steel and titanium are also good compromises. Another alternative is a stainless friendship ring with genuine diamonds. Stainless steel rings come in a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from matte to polished. They are as distinctive and varied as silver and gold jewelry. Rings with decorative grooves and milling are also extremely popular. Due to the relatively low cost of steel, numerous unique and inexpensive designs are attainable, making the friendship ring a low-cost yet meaningful, unique piece of jewelry.

Marriage or engagement isn't the only reason to show your affection with rings. You don't have to be married or in a relationship to present a friend a ring that declares "I value you both as an individual and as an individual" and "I am by your side". The selection of suitable rings in 2013 is as varied as the different tastes. Here's a brief look at the most recent trends in friendship rings.

Silver and gold - the classics

Gold is a precious material that is mostly used for wedding rings. However, high-end white or yellow gold friendship rings can also be created. It doesn't necessarily have to be a solitaire that has the highest-carat diamond, A simple, narrow gold ring is also elegant. Silver rings are more affordable. The disadvantage: Depending on the alloy, gold and silver rings are more susceptible to scratches than other metals.

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