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Buy Tennis Racquet

In addition to standard-length models, we offer reduced-length frames for aspiring young players who compete with red, orange, and green tennis balls. Brands like Babolat and Yonex also offer extended-length racquets for players that want more reach, spin, and power.

buy tennis racquet

We carry the top tennis racquets used by the greatest players in the world, like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Simona Halep. Whether you are seeking a boost in power or better control, we have tons of options to help you find your holy grail. You are in the right place to find the best tennis racquet for your game.

Discover how to choose the best tennis racket for you. Whether you're looking for a beginner tennis racket, or seeking a racket to give you the perfect combination of power, spin and control, let Wilson be your guide to finding the perfect tennis racket for every type of player.

As one of the longest-running tennis equipment brands in the world, we know there are many different types of tennis players. Our job is to make a racket for each one of them. Wilson offers four key racket lines that each focus on a specific performance benefit, those being Precision, Feel, Power and Control. Once a player knows what benefit they are looking for out of their racket, we have varying weights and head sizes that provide an additional level of customization for any type of player.

Intermediate players can start to reduce their head size and add a little more weight to their racket as their tennis muscles develop and they learn to generate more pace on their own. Doing these two things will allow them to keep their new-found power under control.

Regardless of your swing style, Wilson has a racket built just for you. Players who play with shortened or flat swings typically prefer their rackets to generate power. For this swing style, beginners or intermediate players should go for the Ultra tennis racket, while more advanced players should grab a Pro Staff.

Consistently pushing the envelope of tennis racket technology, Wilson has developed a line of tennis rackets by exacting quality standards for ultimate playability. You can explore our entire collection of tennis rackets, strings, and accessories, or customize your own racket for a one-of-a-kind playing experience.

1Q What is the best tennis racquet on the market? Ans. There is a wide range of tennis racquets in the market. Amongst them, the best tennis racquet is Head Speed Pro 2022 Tennis Racquet. It is liked by various professional tennis players. You can check out our latest article Top 10 Tennis Racquets 2022 for more details.

2Q Where can I buy a decent and cheap tennis racquet from? Ans. In order to buy a decent and good quality tennis racquet at a cheap price you can check out the premium tennis racquets collection of Racquets4U.

3Q Which are the best tennis racquets for beginners? Ans. Some of the best tennis racquets for beginners are BABOLAT Eagle, HEAD Ti.Conquest 2022, WILSON Energy XL 112, HEAD Pct Pro Elite etc.

4Q Which are the best Lawn Tennis racquets under 4000? Ans. If your budget is Rs 4000 to buy a lawn tennis racquet then you can surely check HEAD Graphite Ti.1000, Wilson Ultra Power XL 112 etc.

Ans. The main reason behind the varying price in tennis racquets is due to the brand image and materials used in manufacturing racquets. Some of the popular tennis brands are HEAD, Wilson, Babolat etc.

6Q How can you find the tennis racquet that fits you? Ans. Tennis racquets have L1, L2, L3 and L4 written on them. These are four different sizes of racquet handles. You can choose the best sizes by holding the racquets in your hand. Usually, beginners choose L2 and professional players play with L4. Still if you have questions you can check our tennis racquet buying guide.

7Q How many tennis racquets should one carry? Ans. If you are a beginner or intermediate player you should carry at least three tennis racquets. Professional players usually carry six tennis racquets with them on the court.

8Q What is the small thing that we put in our tennis racquets? Ans. The small thing is made up of silicon rubber and placed on the racquet's throat. It is known as a vibration dampener. It works as a shock absorber.

10Q What kind of tennis racquet is good for an aggressive player? Ans. Generally, players who have aggressive and attacking tennis play with heavy tennis racquets. Some of the best models of heavy tennis racquets are Babolat Pure Drive, Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Midplus etc.

11Q How to keep your hand from slipping off a tennis racquet? Ans. Tennis players sweat a lot during play. So, to avoid slipping of your hands, you need to have a tight grip on the tennis racquet. Furthermore, you should change your tennis racquet grip from time to time.

12Q What are some good tennis racquets for tournament players? Ans. Tournament players are professional tennis players. A few of the premium tennis racquets for tournament players are Babolat Pure Drive, Wilson Blade 98 v8, Babolat Pure Aero Plus, Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13, Head Speed Pro 2022 etc.

13Q Who sells used tennis racquets? Ans. There are numerous sites that sell used tennis racquets. The most notable one is Racquets4U. It offers premium tennis racquets at an affordable price.

These are not necessarily in the best order for you. Depending on your skill level, athletic ability, and experience, some racquets will be better for you than others. We recommend reading our detailed reviews of each racquet to choose the best option for you.

The Pure Drive has been one of the top tennis racquets in the world for players of all abilities for years. Used by several professional tennis players, this racquet is known for its power from the baseline. It also helps you create good spin, offers solid stability, in a comfortable frame.

The Prince ATS Textreme Tour 98 is a modern racquet that provides excellent control. This 98 square inch version provides a little more power than the Tour 95, making it a more balanced racquet. It has good spin potential, stability and is very arm-friendly for an advanced racquet.

The Pro Staff is designed with and used by Roger Federer. This advanced racquet has a comfortable, stable, 97 square inch frame with an open 1619 string pattern which helps increase power and spin. This is one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players on the market. It handles pace well and offers unmatched feel on volleys and slice shots.

Yonex is a fast growing tennis brand that makes some of the best racquets in the world. The Ezone is a well balanced racquet built with great power, comfort, and feel. It has a 100 square inch frame and open string pattern for plenty of spin as well. Any player who wants controlled power from the baseline will like this racquet.

The Extreme is a great racquet for most players. Beginners will enjoy the power level and large sweet spot. Intermediate players can use this racquet to develop their topspin and slice skills. Advanced players will be able to control the point with aggressive strokes and add power to their serve.

This advanced tennis racquet is great for athletic, physically strong players who can swing fast. The heavy weight of this racquet helps generate power and increases stability on volleys and returns. The 1619 string pattern adds even more power and spin, while the 97 square inch Yonex frame improves comfort.

The Blade is one of the most popular racquets in the world. This version of the Blade is a very comfortable, arm-friendly racquet. It has good stability for its weight and helps you control both groundstrokes and volleys with a combination of spin and precise feel. This racquet is great for players who can generate their own power, but want something easy on the body.

Used by Novak Djokovic, this is an all-around excellent racquet for high-level players. The 100 square inch frame offers good power, while the tight 1820 string pattern helps players with control and feel. The stable frame makes it a good racquet for both offensive and defensive shots. The Head Speed Pro is a great racquet for all court players. This is also the racquet I personally use.

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of Tennis Tribe. With over two decades of experience playing & coaching tennis, Will now works as a doubles strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. Will helps tennis players at every level play better doubles through smarter strategy. He also has expertise in tennis racquets & gear, testing the latest products from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, and other tennis brands.

The Babolat Pure Drive is one of the best tennis racquets for power on the market. This Pure Drive 110 is the perfect adult beginner tennis racquet if you want a quality, powerful racquet to improve fast.

The Prince Ripstick is a great tennis racquet for almost any skill level. Its easy maneuverability and power make it great for beginners, while the open string pattern and stability allow for faster swings from intermediate players.

This racquet has a 102 inch head size making it great for both beginners and intermediates. Its lightweight, 10.2-ounce frame is easy to handle as well. The 1619 string pattern offers good power and can help you learn topspin as you advance. The frame is built for controlled power with a relatively narrow beam for a beginner racquet.

For players who are relatively athletic and physically strong with good hand-eye coordination, this is a great racquet. This is certainly one of the top beginner or low-level intermediate racquets on the market to help players place and control their shots.

This oversized racquet (110 square inches) has a tighter string pattern (1820) than most beginner racquets. This will help you to place your shots better all over the court. At 9 ounces, it is lightweight but still heavy enough to transition your game to the next level. 041b061a72


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