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David Konstantinov
David Konstantinov

Motocalc Serial 8.08 78

motocalc is a full-featured aircraft calculation program that can be used to plan an entire flight from takeoff to landing. it can predict a range of parameters including airspeed, power, efficiency, and more. in fact, motocalc even has an in-flight analysis feature that lets you test different combinations of components without taking your plane to the air.

motocalc serial 8.08 78


a great way to keep track of all your flight data, motocalc's built-in data logging and graphing facility lets you plot your results in a timeline or as a graph. you can also export your data as plain text, html, or csv for use in spreadsheets, e-mail, or on your web site.

a flight planner with a touch of magic, motocalc lets you plan a flight from takeoff to landing, then let it fly itself. it lets you set a wind speed for takeoff and landing, and it'll even give you a prediction of airspeed, power, and efficiency for the flight.

motocalc makes it easy to see what changes in power efficiency and other parameters will affect your flight. it can also be used as a simple, lightweight calculator for making sure your proposed power system is reasonable.

do you want to plan a flight but don't have the time or resources to measure airspeed, power, and efficiency? motocalc can help you estimate these parameters. it's even got a built-in formula to calculate these values from the other parameters. it can predict takeoff and landing airspeeds, and also show you how much power you'll get from your motor by turning it the wrong way.

motocalc also lets you create your own strings, with multiple lengths and diameters. then you can upload your data directly to the program, where you can manually specify variable rates or take advantage of the program's pre-set equations for different jobs.


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