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David Konstantinov

Buy Primaforce Phenibut !NEW!

I have some LiftMode phenibut from back in 2012 - very heavy and crystalline. When I took it, I had the same effects that you described on the Russian phenibut. Took about 1,300 mg. It was the only dose I've had so far, so maybe that makes a difference. Basically, it made me realize how much stress I suck up every day without even noticing. Made me very sociable, as you recount.

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Phenibut (3-phenyl-4-aminobutyric acid) is a GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)-mimetic psychotropic drug which is clinically used in its racemic form. The aim of the present study was to compare the effects of racemic phenibut and its optical isomers in pharmacological tests and GABAB receptor binding studies. In pharmacological tests of locomotor activity, antidepressant and pain effects, S-phenibut was inactive in doses up to 500 mg/kg. In contrast, R-phenibut turned out to be two times more potent than racemic phenibut in most of the tests. In the forced swimming test, at a dose of 100 mg/kg only R-phenibut significantly decreased immobility time. Both R-phenibut and racemic phenibut showed analgesic activity in the tail-flick test with R-phenibut being slightly more active. An GABAB receptor-selective antagonist (3-aminopropyl)(diethoxymethyl)phosphinic acid (CGP35348) inhibited the antidepressant and antinociceptive effects of R-phenibut, as well as locomotor depressing activity of R-phenibut in open field test in vivo. The radioligand binding experiments using a selective GABAB receptor antagonist [3H]CGP54626 revealed that affinity constants for racemic phenibut, R-phenibut and reference GABA-mimetic baclofen were 177+/-2, 92+/-3, 6.0+/-1 microM, respectively. We conclude that the pharmacological activity of racemic phenibut relies on R-phenibut and this correlates to the binding affinity of enantiomers of phenibut to the GABAB receptor.

All I know is that i've been using this stuff for ages and can most definetely tell the difference when I get the "good phenibut". This being only the second time in 5 years. I had given up on it for many years until I read that Liftmode finally had the good stuff again. Unfortunately I had been on baclofen for awhile and when I switched to the Phenibut it didn't feel so nice. I thought it was due to downregulated Gaba B receptors. I suspect now it has to do with the quality being different. I don't want to knock any vendors and say their product is impure because this has been an ongoing problem that had many people stumped. I'd even suspect that if you were to have the pharmaceutical and some of the bulks tested they would test the same but yet the effects are different. If I knew enough about chemistry I might have an idea. Another problem is I can't stop talking and typing. lol. I wasn't recieving these postives with Liftmode brand. I did for a brief few days experience euphoria when combinging Faso and Phenibut but that is a whole different mystery. I concluded that Phenibut FAA was better quality causing that euphoria but when trying it after being off Phenibut for 3 weeks the effects were shit. This all sounds kinda crazy and I'm going to stop now. I'm sure more people will pop up that have noticed some Phenibut makes them tired and feel shit while others give clean effects.

I have been using Primaforce Phenibut recently, and I am not impressed with the quality. I get very groggy, I get a headache sometimes, and there is no euphoria at all. I use phenibut once a week, 1-2 g, and I have never abused it or been dependent. It would be nice to find a better quality product.

The question above about FAA phenibut was directed to introspecta... But looking again his experience, I am covered. Unfortunately I read some good reports on line and ordered some a few minutes ago. I am very interested to get good quality R-phenibut, I am interested enough to spend up to $150 for 100gr in a group buy.

I can't pull the study up on my phone at the moment but just good comparison of R-phenibut in and there is a study comparing s-phenibut, r-phenibut and racemic. Racemic would be a combination of s and r. But supposedly S phenibut isn't really active so I'm not sure what causes the shitty side effects. I mean even good quality Phenibut will have side effects if taking too much such as drying of joints, fatigue, etc. But it shouldn't make you only tired with little mood boost like most of the stuff around does.

I am interested in R-phenibut because there is speculation that most of the negatives are from the s-isomer. Also how anyones know if they have pure R-phenibut? An indication would be that half the dose is needed for the same effects. Do these Russian pills have twice the strength? 041b061a72


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