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Steam Info Box Templates

  • Please check your input for spelling mistakes or try a different search term."}},"product":"addedValue":"+ free product"}); International Home & Garden Kärcher Know How When Hygiene Matters Most Kärcher Services

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A DAZZLING DISPLAY ON CENTER COURT Fast game, speedy cleaning

steam info box templates

I've been working on getting templates and such to work with theFandom dark theme. If you notice anything off (such as incorrectcolours or templates using a light theme whilst in dark mode), letme know and I'll try get it fixed.

The purpose of the Counter-Strike Wiki is to give theCounter-Strike community a place to view and contributeinformation about the series. The community as a whole isresponsible for ensuring the information is as accurate as it isinformative. Our job as admins is to make sure the informationfollows the standard Wiki policies, as well as the policies laidout in the Counter-Strike Wiki policy, and to ensure thewiki stays a friendly, inviting, and impartial place for users tolearn more.

It was quite an interesting ride really. You can really see howthis wiki had grown from its small beginnings at July 5, 2005 towhere we are today. How little was done in the first five years andhow 2010 was when the wiki had really started, with a huge boom inthe amount of information and edits. Editors came and went.Templates appeared and disappeared. Large chunks of informationwere added and then deleted years later.

Hey guys. I've set up a dictionary and the necessary templates to display demonstration videos on relevant pages, with DotaCinema's video links as a place-holder for now. Reading the previous discussion about showing DotaCinema's videos nobody was overly against it, but the reasons against were: 1) A big video-block detracts from the page's quality/readability/conciseness. 2) The Wiki should be an independent resource and shouldn't favour any particular entity's content.

I've searched several expected mechanics articles and haven't been able to find specifics on two points that seem like they should be explained in this wiki. The easier expectation: respawn time. A few leads like Death go to the Gold page, which is appropriate enough since it has multiple equations. I never found an explanation for what controls respawn duration (also could probably warrant additional redirects for other pertinent searches like "respawning"). The other point of info I expected to be able to figure out from reading around is what do +damage items affect? Basic right-click attacks? All damage? Physical damage? -- 08:22, 9 August 2013 (UTC)

As a long reader of the wiki, and a wiki editor myself, I do like the consistency of the Dota 2 wiki's layouts for hero pages. However, I do feel like the layout is somewhat, in its current state, lacking and fairly outdated. So what I'm suggesting is a new layout that hero pages can follow, which is more detailed, informative and could allow for more consistency.

There are many problems with this template and there no fix yet. 1. Some sets and items are duplicated in this template - An old problem and I have no idea how to fix it. Sometimes I deleted the item and then create new page - sometimes it helps, sometimes not.2. The problem that I found today - many items are hiden in template or template can't see this items. Look: Axe (Ragestone Axe), (Axe#Equipment), Omni (Omniknight#Equipment), (Winged Paladin's Armor) and etc. Yesterday, when I upload new cosmetic icons for Omni's items this templates works correctly (exept duplicated pages). Any ideas how to fix that? --ERmachdp (talk) 15:42, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

Since new users have restricted access, some information about the rules in place would be nice. (Maybe it's just that I can't find them?) Do I have to wait four days before I can edit a page? --Magnus (talk) 350c69d7ab


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