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Where To Buy Fence Panels

If you are building your own fence we have an extensive library of How-To Guides to aid you in a successful fence build. In addition, we know gates can be tricky, nothing is level like you hope and because of this, we recognize the need for building quility gates for each unique fence install. So we have our own in-house gate fabrication, so every gate fits like it should.

where to buy fence panels

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Kyle was AWESOME!!!! I sent him the list of misc. parts I needed and in no time he had it all together, and where a perfect match wasn't possible, Kyle proactively adapted something else to work. America's Fence Store is a great Company!!!

When it comes to vinyl fences, aluminum fences, metal fences and chain-link fences, Western Fence Supply is your best bet in Florida. Our mission is to provide the greatest standard of customer service in the fencing industry while selling high-quality fence goods at competitive costs.

All of the components of a fence, including the Chainlink wire, top rail, posts, bands, caps, and screws, are available for purchase separately from Western Fence Supply. By doing this, we aid in making fence repairs easy for homeowners and contractors alike.We specialize in making unique chain link gates, including rolling, sliding, and cantilever styles. Quick turnaround times for commercial and industrial-quality products with little wait time.

If you want to enclose your backyard and make it a safe place for your family to enjoy your pool and other outdoor activities, vinyl privacy fence panels are the way to go. This vinyl fence design calls for two pocket rails, eleven tongue-and-groove pickets, and two u-channel, with the completed panels being put together by first snapping the rails into routed holes in five-inch square posts, followed by sliding the pickets together and then into the pocket of each rail.

Everything is made entirely in-house, making use of only the finest extrusions and components. In order to prevent rusting and degradation from natural elements, all of our mechanically assembled aluminum panels are constructed with stainless steel screws. Single walk gates, double drive gates, and even custom welded estate gates can all be fabricated with precise measurements and welding.

In order to ensure that you receive nothing but the finest aluminum fence products, we only work with American raw materials. Closed picket, open picket, and aluminum fence with extra center rails are just some of the available options.

Western Fence Supply is a family-owned and -operated business in Florida with a management team that has been supplying the region with fencing materials for over ten years. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of fence materials, and we are proud to offer only the highest quality vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, chainlink fencing, and metal fencing to our customers. As the best fence manufacturers in Florida, we would never use subpar materials, and that principle guides our decision not to even offer them. New fence customers all over Florida may have confidence knowing they will receive superior service, quality materials, and the help of expert craftsmanship when they work with us to update their fencing.

Home Depot and Lowes are only two of many of our competitors in Florida that offer low-quality fencing products at inflated costs. However, it is not what we do around here. At wholesale pricing, our vinyl fences, aluminum fences, chainlink fences, and metal fences all outperform the standards set by the industry. They also conform to all Florida building codes.

CALL US NOW AT (239) 689-5496, send us an email at, or get a FREE ONLINE QUOTE NOW BY CLICKING HERE! Our team of experts is ready to begin manufacturing your dream fence. The right moment is now!

One of the main confusions we see among customers is the panel versus picket conversion. Many homeowners are under the impression that fences are built by the panel and then attached at a post. In reality, this is usually only the case for faux wood or vinyl materials.

Typically for real wood fencing, materials are sold by the picket. This can help homeowners to customize the look of their structures while maintaining a consistent quality throughout every picket surface. Buying by the picket also allows for more precision with length and dimensions. Ultimately for any professional fence build, buying by the picket is preferred.

The main difference between fence panels and pickets is that panels are pre-made sections of a fence that would have otherwise been taken up with roughly 10 to 20 pickets. Because of this, panels are usually a composite or vinyl material that has been manufactured to be that size. Wood panels exist but they are less common due to the process of building them.

Pickets generally come in a 1 to 2 inch thickness and 5 to 8 inches wide. These generally extend 4 to 8 feet depending on the level of privacy needed. Pickets are well-liked among contractors and other builders because they are easy to work with and allow for more flexibility in design. Essentially, panels are pre-made fence faces that join into posts and pickets are the building blocks to create this fence face in place of a panel.

Another advantage to buying by the panel is it is often more affordable since the main components of the fence have already been put together. There is no need to purchase rails or other structural supports. Depending on quality, the materials can be more expensive. But typically panels are not made with the highest quality wood and will be more affordable than premium cedar picket products.

A huge downside to panels is their uniformity. For some, this can be seen as a great feature, but for those looking to get creative or who have an unusually shaped yard it can be difficult. Panels are a set size so if they do not fit perfectly into your space there will need to be an element of construction to the project.

TruView panels are manufactured utilizing a unique internal mechanical picket to rail construction.This eliminates picket rattle or removal found in other products. This unique design allows the panels to rack to follow changes in grade.

Our TruView product undergoes a multi-step application process to produce a superior polyester powder coat finish. This provides greater anti-corrosion and UV resistant protection to keep your fence looking great for years to come.

If your property is not level and you do not want gaps under your fence panels, our fence system has the answer for you. Trex Seclusions fence panels kits can be built to follow the grade (slope) of the ground by setting your fence lines and cutting the rails. The brackets are shaped in such a way to allow easy up and down angled adjustments. Our installation instructions provide details on how to do this so be sure to download a copy.

Be sure to check with your municipality regarding any restrictions or requirements needed to construct your fence. 6 ft. tall Trex fence panel kits meet a standard allowable height in all municipalities so long as the fence panels do not obstruct visibility, which is why it is easy to get a permit for backyard fencing, and perimeter fences or enclosures.

One of the many benefits of a Trex fence panel system is the simplicity in installation. Each of the components in the fence panel kit has a unique purpose which make assembly logical and easy to follow. Homeowners or contractors can put together a Trex fence following the general principle of installing a privacy fence: set posts, attach rails, insert pickets and secure the fence with fasteners. If you do need assistance, contact our support team at 877-700-8739.

This can depend on how much you stretch your panels, but a single panel of ocotillo fencing does not create a complete visual block. If complete screening is desired, consider installing a double layer of panels, or provide a solid backdrop for your fencing (such as galvanized metal).

Dig a trench along the fence line that is at least 6 inches deep. Install 6-foot t-posts (2 for every fence panel) along the fenceline to secure the panels in place, and attach the panels to the t-posts with strong wire.

Get started by browsing the aluminum fencing options below, or contact us today for expert advice from our fence professionals. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on being accessible and here to help you every step of the way.

Residential fencing can be used in a wide variety of residential applications. These types of aluminum fences are most commonly used to define property lines, keep children or pets contained, or to enclose a swimming pool. Residential aluminum fences are strong enough for most applications and will add beauty and prestige to any property! We carry several types of decorative fencing to accommodate your needs and your budget.

  • Commercial grade fencing is heavier and more durable than a residential grade fence. It is ideal for areas where the strength of a commercial product is needed with a neighbor-friendly appearance. Commercial fences are most commonly used for:- Churches

  • - Schools

  • - Public Swimming Pools

  • - High-End Residential Settings

  • - Factories

  • - Cemeteries

  • - Industrial Complexes

  • - Apartment Complexes

  • - Amusement Parks

  • - Restaurants

  • - Public Recreation Facilities

This type of fence is used in high traffic areas or spaces requiring additional security.

  • Fence-Depot offers the top brands of high quality, attractive industrial aluminum fencing. This is our heaviest and most durable fencing product. Our industrial grade utilizes the heaviest gauge extrusions for high visibility and substantial protection. They are most commonly used to increase security at places such as:Industrial factories

  • Municipal and government projects

  • Colleges and universities

  • Apartment complexes

  • Schools

  • Estate properties

  • Other high traffic public areas

Industrial strength is recommended when maximum strength and security are needed. Aluminum industrial fences are the best choice for attractive security! 041b061a72


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