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On his return to King's Landing Sandor stands guard over Joffrey during the tournament held in honor of Eddard's appointment as Hand. Sandor watches distastefully as his brother Gregor kills Ser Hugh of the Vale. Littlefinger tells Sansa that Sandor and Gregor hate one another because, when he was very young, Sandor played with one of Gregor's toys without his elder brother's permission. Gregor held Sandor's face over an open fire, resulting in his hideous burns. They have been enemies ever since.[4]

You have requested : The.Bear.S01E02.MP4.LEG.Ba...

King Robert subsequently dies following a hunting accident. Sandor stands guard over King Joffrey as his advisers and vassals swear fealty to him. When Eddard attempts to have Joffrey and Cersei arrested, Sandor joins the Lannister soldiers and men of the City Watch in cutting down Eddard's bodyguards, allowing him to be taken prisoner.[6] Sandor leads a party of Lannister guardsmen to the Red Keep where they slaughter Eddard's entourage and capture Sansa. He is later present in the throne room when Ser Barristan Selmy is dismissed from the Kingsguard, a grave affront since members serve for life, and Selmy is offended enough to draw his sword and claim he could cut through all the remaining Kingsguard with ease. Sandor looks wary for the first time, since Selmy is actually that skilled, but the old knight then throws the sword down and storms out. Sandor is made a member of the sworn brotherhood, though he refuses to take the vows of knighthood.[7]

Arya attempts to kill Sandor with a rock, thinking he is sound asleep. He opens his eyes and tells her she has one chance to hit him, and kill him, but if she fails he will break her hands. Later she sits on the horse with him sullen and refusing food he offers her. Sandor points out that for all she hates him, Arya could have been taken captive by someone far worse. He tells her about Sansa and how he rescued her from a group of would-be rapists. Arya disbelieves this, but Sandor says "Ask your sister if you ever see her again." They arrive at a river which Arya initially thinks to be the Blackwater. He points out that the river is the Red Fork of the Trident. Arya believed he was taking her back to King's Landing, but he reveals that he is in fact taking her to The Twins, where her mother and brother will shortly be attending her uncle's wedding to Roslin Frey, and he will ransom her to them. He tells her ruefully that if she wasn't so busy trying to kill him they might make it in time for the wedding, which somewhat amuses Arya.[20]

On the way there, Sandor spots a man with a wagon full of pork products. He gets down down his horse and feign friendliness before incapacitating him. He moves to kill him when Arya intervenes, knocking the man out but not killing him. Sandor remarks on the fact that Arya's kindness will one day get her killed. When they reach the surrounding fields of the Twins, Sandor realizes that Arya is afraid of not reaching her mother and brother, since she is now the closest to family she has been in years. The two have a frank discussion and Arya tells Sandor that she knows the one thing that he is afraid of: fire. She had noticed his reaction to Beric's flaming sword. Hurting, in then reminds Arya of her father's death, to which Arya states that, one day, she will kill Sandor, shocking him.[21]

While riding, Sandor and Arya come across a group of Frey soldiers at a campfire. Arya dismounts from Sandor's horse, approaches them, and kills one of them. When the rest of the group are about to attack Arya, Sandor protects her and kills them. Sandor takes his knife back from Arya, then sits and eats what the deceased soldiers have left. He asks if this was Arya's first murder. She states it was her first "man."[22]

Sandor and Arya finally arrive in the Vale. They argue over about what brings Arya happiness, the Hound declaring that nothing makes her happy and Arya retorting that killing men like Polliver and Rorge make her happy. She laments over not being able to witness Joffrey's death or kill him herself. Sandor concurs that he deserved his death, but dismisses Joffrey's cause of death, poison, as a woman's weapon and proclaiming that men kill with steel, which Arya regards as stupid pride talking and why he will never be a great killer, claiming she would have killed Joffrey with a chicken bone if necessary, which the Hound finds heartily amusing.[28]

Sandor shows some discomfort from the bite wound he sustained earlier, to which Arya replies he should have let her cauterize it with fire. The Hound dismisses it as a flea bite, but Arya mentions Sandor was much slower because of the wound. They are stopped by a guard. When Sandor mentions Arya Stark, niece of Lady Lysa, the guard tells them Lysa is dead, leaving Sandor dumbstruck and Arya in an uncontrollable fit of laughter over Sandor's repeated failed attempts to ransom her.[28]

A short while later, Sandor and Arya meet Brienne of Tarth and her squire, Podrick Payne, who have been on a quest to find the Stark sisters. After Podrick, who had squired in King's Landing during Sandor's time there, recognizes him, Brienne demands that Sandor turn over Arya to her as she had made a vow to her mother to look after her. Sandor bluntly refuses, chastising Brienne for trying to look over Arya over some vow to her dead family and questioning her about her relationship with the Lannisters.[29]

A few days after his duel with Brienne, Sandor is found and nursed back to health by former soldier and Septon Ray, who takes him to live with his band of villagers. While building a sept, Ray recounts saving Sandor after mistaking him for a corpse. When Ray mentions justice, Sandor responds that if there was justice in the world, he should have been punished for his past crimes. Ray responds that perhaps he has been punished already but been given a second chance. Sandor is present when Ray gives a talk to the villagers recounting how his violent experiences as a soldier had led him to undergo a conversion experience.[31]

Later, the villagers are visited by three horsemen from the Brotherhood Without Banners, led by Lem Lemoncloak, who attempt to extort the group. Brother Ray tells the riders that they have no gold or weapons and the horsemen leave. Following the encounter with the Brotherhood, Sandor tells Ray that they should have shared their food and steel with them. While Ray thinks that they have seen the last of the Brotherhood, Sandor thinks they will return. After chopping wood in the forest, Sandor returns to the village only to discover that the Brotherhood has massacred the villagers. He finds the Septon hanging from a beam in the wooden sept. Angered by the cold-blooded murder of innocents, Sandor grabs his axe and heads off.[31]

While the living celebrate their victory over the dead, Sandor expresses disinterest in sleeping with any woman. When Sansa talks to him, he states she wouldn't have to go through the trauma she went through if she escaped King's Landing with him during Battle of the Blackwater. Sansa however replies that if she did, she wouldn't have learnt so much and would still be a "little bird."[40]

Although Sandor sometimes showed chivalry when a highborn person (Loras, Sansa, Arya) was in danger, he was capable of great cruelty toward commoners: he killed in cold blood a harmless, unarmed kid, claiming that he was obliged to follow Joffrey's commands (not so differently than what his brother did to an infant at Tywin's orders), and never expressed any regret; on the contrary, he even joked about the foul deed. He also treated the farmer very viciously: he ruthlessly beat the defenseless man up and robbed him, excusing his brutality by claiming that the farmer and his daughter were doomed anyway so they did not have any use for the money; instead of figuring a way to help them, Sandor made their condition even worse, and left them no hope of survival at all. In this aspect, the Hound was not so different from his brother.

The Hound and Arya never make it to the Bloody Gate, and do not hear about Lysa's death. They reach a small village where they reside for several weeks. The village elder warns them that heavy snow and frost cover the high passes to the Vale, and the Hill tribes have become fearless now that they are armed with steel. The Hound decides not to go to Riverrun or the Wall, but to Saltpans, and travel from there to the Vale by sea.

Genesis 1 relates the story of creation. Genesis 2:4-25 gives more details and specifically how Adam and Eve related to the rest of the creation. God created Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. Adam was given the responsibility to care for the garden but God did not mean for Adam to do this alone. God brought all of animals before Adam and gave him the honour of naming them. As he reviewed the animals Adam must have found it obvious that each of the animals had mates. God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and removed one of his ribs. From this rib God formed a woman. The creation of mankind was now complete. Adam and Eve were beautiful and pure. They experienced no shame or need to cover up with clothes.

Her outfit consists of a beige collared T-shirt, a black skirt with black overall straps, and a single strap connecting the two going across her chest. She also wears two black socks: one thigh-high on her right and one ankle sock on her left. Her clothing, as well as her hair and blue side, have a grain effect over them, causing various scattered pixels to appear over her.

As seen in Extinction Party, Ena occasionally shifts into other forms when she is drunk. These appear to be transformations from her happy/drunk side. These forms have been dubbed her "Demon" and "Diablada" forms.

As seen in Temptation Stairway, her sad form also has an alternative form, considered her full-sadness form. Her skin will turn gray and entirely geometric when she is completely sad. Her hair will be completely long, and she will only have one ahoge instead of two. Her socks will change into complete thigh highs and her left sleeve will become geometric. Her face will turn blank, with either half of her facial features appearing on the back of her hands. She usually covers her face with her hands in this form, making a full face. When using the avatar that resembles this form on, she is shown to quickly run back and forth, faster than the speed of the other avatars. In the Temptation Stairway teaser, her form seems to be slightly different from her current one, as her left leg was smooth with an ankle-height black sock. 041b061a72


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