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Costco Com Car Buying

"I think people feel like, 'Because I'm paying for a membership, everything here is a great deal,'" Demer says, but that's not actually the case. Even if you head to Costco regularly, you need at least one other place to shop as well: "Otherwise, I'm willing to bet you're buying enough things that aren't good deals that you're kind of wasting the savings you're acquiring."

costco com car buying

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Looking for a new vehicle? Costco Auto Programme connects you with specially trained dealers to provide in-market savings through prearranged pricing and a hassle-free buying experience on many makes and models.

Instead of looking at multiple websites or contacting different dealerships, the Costco car buying program puts all of that information in one place. Once you enter in your zip code, you can browse the type of car you want and choose the dealer from there. Once chosen, you can actually compare prices of the different models side-by-side. The Costco vehicle purchase program will save you a ton of time when comparing vehicles, letting you know which car is the best bang for your buck.

Costco may not be top of mind for many shoppers when it comes to buying organic foods, but it should be. The warehouse club offers a variety of organic products including fresh produce, cooking oils and beverages at a lower price when you factor in the unit price.

But you will need a membership to use the Costco Auto Program. Of course, this might be a small price to pay for the bigger savings you can tap into when buying a car. Plus, remember that a Costco membership gets you access to discounted gas at the retailer. So, your car savings can extend beyond the initial purchase-price discount. 041b061a72


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