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Kai Stewart
Kai Stewart

Bottlehead Crack [VERIFIED] Schematic

I got sick of trying to figure out a powder coater and trying to find a mill, so I just started assembling last night. I spent about 6 hours putting it together. I was so tired when I was finished I could barely keep my eyes open or even mentally focus to find a power cord. The only thing I didn't finish was wiring in the power button. When I fired it up the tubes glowed, but no LEDs lit up. I looked at the schematic and figured that there was no high voltage being supplied to the tubes, so I tested the supply. Nothing. I traced my wiring and noticed that I forgot to solder the wirewound resistor lead to 13L. I soldered it up, fired it back up, and everything lit up like it should. I plugged in my headphones and there was a pretty loud hiss going on, but after a minute it quieted down completely. It sounds slightly better than before due to the Speedball. It's been months since I've heard it, so it's impossible to be certain what difference it made. I only got to snap one picture of a bunch of stuff mounted to the top plate. I ran out of #4-40 torx screws, so I am going to wait until I receive the rest of them to take the final pictures. I regret going with this silver-plated stranded wire. Even tinned, it was a pain in the ass to wrap around terminals.

Bottlehead Crack Schematic

I got this on/off circuit set up on a breadboard today. The stupid voltage divider didn't work for the LEDs, so I have to try to use two transistors to control the LEDs. They are inside of the switch, by the way. I need to really start posting some pictures up here. Here is the new schematic. I haven't bought the transistors yet, but I am going to get some at RadioShack tomorrow. It should work, in theory.

Well, I got this PIC programmer, and with the help of this guy from the microchip forums named Dario Greggio I got the PIC to act as an on/off toggle with the off action requiring a button to be held down for a few seconds. I've since designed the PCB for the circuit. If anyone is interested in the circuit, PM me for more details. Getting a quantity of PCBs ordered would bring down the cost, greatly. I will draw and post up the schematic here later.


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