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The Jimmy The Hall Monitor !!BETTER!!

Mrs. Puff: Everyone, put down your books, because it's time to pick out the hall monitor of the day! (SpongeBob squeezes his pencil so hard it shoots up into the air) Let's see here. This week's hall monitor will be Bart, Jimmy, no, no, Tina, Ralph, mm... (gasps) ...SpongeBob. (SpongeBob moves his desk between 2 rows) It's Jimmy! Jimmy's the hall monitor. Jimmy: Mrs. Puff, I've done it already! (SpongeBob moves his desk closer)

The Jimmy the Hall Monitor

Mrs. Puff: Henry? (SpongeBob moves closer) Vera? (SpongeBob moves closer) Clayton? (SpongeBob is poking Mrs. Puff with his desk as she sighs) Alright, I guess I have no choice. (gulps) The hall monitor of the day is SpongeBob. (SpongeBob launches into the air)

SpongeBob: Yahoo! Hall monitor SpongeBob reporting for duty, ma'am! I am ready to assume my the hall! I will protect all that are the hall! All rules will be the hall!

SpongeBob: Broken traffic light! Who's to say my monitor duties should end just because the bell rang? I could be helpful anywhere! This looks like a job for the hall monitor! (directs traffic, with a whistle, to their destination using all sorts of hand gestures but ends up causing a huge wreck in the end) What would this town do without you, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: (reads paper) Maniac.BikiniBottom? Car wreck? Break-in? Who better to bring this maniac to justice than me, the hall monitor! But I can't handle this case alone. Patrick, are you ready to give up your life of crime?

Best friends Rick and Fred are in stagnant marriages with their wives, Grace and Maggie. The two discuss how they miss their single days, so Grace and Maggie give them a "hall pass": a week during which they can have sex with other women. Rick and Fred try to pick up women with their friends Gary, Flats, and Hog Head while Maggie and Grace decide they should get hall passes, too.

Rick goes home to Maggie. He tells her he did not use the hall pass and confesses that she is the only woman he has ever been with. Moved, Maggie tells him she did not use her hall pass, either, and they reconcile and have sex for the first time in months.

Fred and Grace also reconcile and decide to stick to not divulge, as per the 'hall pass'. However, Fred ultimately reveals that he had sex with Meg when Grace asks him to take her to see Kathy Griffin.

During the credits, Fred hosts a barbecue where he pays Kathy Griffin to be present. Gary's wife suggests that she give him a hall pass. Gary imagines sleeping with a married woman and then accidentally killing her, her entire family, and several bystanders and being raped in prison; but he then shrugs it off and agrees to "give it a whirl".

Hal MonitorBlenderGMODCar FormBackground informationFirst appearanceSMG4: Mario School ClubLatest appearanceMario Reacts To Cursed Mobile Game AdsVoiceSpeakonia Adult Male #2 American EnglishFont speechSpeakonia Adult Male #2 American EnglishInspirationA Cyborg OfficerCharacter informationStatusAliveFull nameHal MonitorOther namesMr. Hall MonitorMr. MonitorAgeUnknown (Over 35)AffiliationCyborgOccupationPolice officer commissionerCriminal (SMG4: SSENMODNAR - 3,826,412 SUB SPECIAL only)Behavioral AlignmentLawful Good/NeutralRelativesUnnamed father (deceased)Unnamed microwave wifeUnnamed toaster child (Potentially named "Junior")AlliesMario (sometimes)The PoliceMeggy Spletzer (former partner)Old Man HoboWide PutinMelony (partner)MinionsPolice employeesEnemiesLawbreakers in generalDr. EggmanWarioYoshiGrand Council of Tax FraudBowserJubJub BoopkinsFrankieJimmyWaluigiShy Guy Cyber ThievesJohnny SilverhandShy Guy LeaderBeeg SMG4Hideo KojimaSMG3Box Club LeaderBox ClubLikesOrderLegal activitypeople who are obeying the lawEducationSMG4's Gang (Sometimes)DislikesDisorderIllegal activityWater (weakness)People who are disobeying the lawcriminalsDisrespectTrespassersPeople who aren't paying taxesSMG4's Gang (Most of the time)Being called stupid (Presumably)Powers and abilitiesShape change to a car and tankWeaponsPistol as a service weaponQuotes"PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!""THAT IS (VERY) ILLEGAL!"HobbiesFight illegal activities.SignatureDesktop monitor on a human body with MEME faces. [Source]

To stop Dr. Eggman from capturing Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario writes "free candy" on his van, causing a nearby Mr. Monitor to mistake Eggman for a pedophile and blowing him up (though due to Gmod physics, his monitor head is also blown away by the explosion).

Mr. Monitor is first seen as a test dummy for Meggy to practice intimidation tactics, teaching Meggy throughout the video how to be an enforcer of justice. It's also revealed in this video that Monitor has a "wife and son" (in reality a microwave and a toaster) and that his full name is Hal Monitor. However, he and Meggy are called in to stop a smuggling case, performed by several Shy Guys trying to traffic monitors.

In the Tug of War game, when Meggy said think what you're doing this for, we immediately see the flaskback of why Hal entered Squid Game. It was revealed that he need the money for the surgery of his wife. Fueled by this, he turned into the car, winning the challenge. He was then never appeared later on, possibly that he failed the challenge off-screen.

Despite appearing as a kind and normal person, whenever he sees or hears disorder, he shows his true colors as a psychopathic mood-swinger who hates any type of disorder or illegal activity and will give out severe and gruesome punishments to anyone who does so, which includes tearing out genitals and organs and blowing victims up, sending them to the sky burning. He also attacks people whose crimes are justified or are incredibly minor issues (examples being when Wario was going to get across the street when there was a red light and Bob Bobowski insulting him and the school). However, such actions of his made himself breaking police protocol, due to attacking the plaintiff without ever thinking, and terrorizing criminals or even those he deems as criminals in a fashion much like a criminal himself, except with the power of law enforcement behind him. As a result of his temper, he is usually seen with a disturbing angry face. However, despite of his law-enforcing nature, there are hints of him not being above his standards, as when he sees a monitor-headed girl, who's just a dummy made by Mario as a distraction, his reaction is hoping that girl is of legal age before pursuing her when he breaks a law and doesn't know yet he gets upset and explodes.

Hall SquadInformationOccupationSecurity GuardsHomebaseGallagher Elementary SchoolAppearancesAppearancesOperation: P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T.Operation: S.N.O.W.I.N.G.Operation: E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.Operation: C.R.I.M.E.CameosN/AVoiceKhary PaytonTom KennyBen DiskinTara StrongDee Bradley BakerGrey DeLisleThe Hall Squad, also known as the Safety Patrol are the collective student hall monitors, security guards and service workers at Gallagher Elementary School.

Gary NelsonCharacter InformationAge8-10;deceasedCharacter SheetClassGinger Hallway MonitorsFactionGingers/Nazi ZombiesGary Nelson is a character in South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is a ginger hall monitor who turns into a Nazi Zombie.

Perhaps it's because schools on TV are constantly forced to deal with teacher shortages. Perhaps it's just an excuse for writers to use all of those police tropes. For whatever reason, one position of responsibility seems to crop up time and time again in school-based shows... the position of hall monitor. These kid cops are given as much powers as teachers... they're allowed to stop their fellow classmates, interrogate them, demand hall passes, and in some extreme cases, even allowed to assign detentions. They've been given the Yellow Sash of Power.

The trope can take several forms. Sometimes, a character who is aware of all the power the position carries desperately wants to be hall monitor, in other cases, a character who worried about all the power going to his head will be very reluctant to put on the sash. Usually, the latter are the ones who receive the sash, and they're always the ones who let it all go to their head.

When Tina is up for a big hall monitor promotion, she is determined to do whatever it takes to nab the powerful job. So, she enlists the help of Gene and Louise. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Linda gets artsy and begins to decorate the walls with customer artwork... on napkins.

Tina is excited before school, as she believes that she will be promoted to the highest level of hall monitor, "Hall manatee" (after Hall minnow and Hall Marlin). At school, she signs in with Rudy, pointing out he shouldn't sign her signature on the sheet to save time as it is against the rules, and that rues are meant to be followed. While patrolling the halls and writing up people (such as Gene and Louise for sliding on stair handrails), they are called to Coach Blevin's office, where Zeke has been apprehended trespassing. As this is his third strike, Zeke must receive automatic suspension and be escorted to the principal's office by Tina. On the way to the office, Zeke explains that he broke into the office for his grandma, and convinces Tina to at least let him use the restroom.

After several minutes, Tina enters the boy's room and finds that Zeke has escaped out a window. Encountering Mr. Frond outside, she leis and says she dropped Zeke off at the principal's office. All of this is spotted by Rudy, who is shocked that Tina would lie. Tina starts searching for Zeke, while Rudy feels his hero (Tina) has gone dirty and it's up to clean up the mess. Tina takes Louise and Gene out of class to help, who are still upset about being written up earlier, and she offers them a permanent hall pass in exchange for their help. At lunchtime, the three interrogate Jimmy Jr, with Tina angrily holding his face over a tray of half-eaten chowder to get him to reveal Zeke sometimes hides in a storage room.


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