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David Konstantinov
David Konstantinov

Land and Freedom: The Story of a British Volunteer in the Spanish Revolution (DVDRIP VOSTFR) - A Synopsis and Analysis of Ken Loach's Film

if you look at the article it outlines everything you should be doing. i think movies like sound of freedom are a huge step in the right direction. people need to understand what trafficking is and what they can do to help.

Land And Freedom - DVDRIP VOSTFR

Download Zip:

the bigger point here is that people who believe in the power of public opinion need to start making this happen. they need to create and set up a system that will gain a real commitment from the people you care about the most, and not just a temporary interest. in the future hollywood needs to address the issue of child trafficking with a lot more fear and a lot less sugar coated. if we were making a social commentary on a subject like this, we would have all the people saying and doing the same thing, getting the debate out there, voting on these issues and improving the law.

if hollywood is going to incorporate new visual styles and techniques into its films, then they need to think more about these issues. its only when they start doing this that they can hope to move society on this important issue of human trafficking.

the power of the internet in peoples lives today doesnt need to be questioned anymore. in the near future the online revolution has the potential to completely redefine what is possible. between the ability to instantaneously share, communicate, transmit and store knowledge at almost the speed of light.

people already have the ability to change whats possible. we can already form ad hoc groups where people are learning how to build things, change the world, and compete to design and build cool things. the ideas, technologies and science based problems are already being solved, and its here we should be focusing on doing so.


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