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Everything You Need to Know About Your Bosch VE Fuel Injection Pump and How to Keep It in Good Shape

Diesel engines are widely used for commercial and passenger cars. The fuel injection system is the heart of diesel engines; it is critical for torque generation. The way the injection system delivers diesel fuel into the combustion chamber enables a clear advantage in terms of engine performance, noise characteristics and emissions. Modern diesel injection systems are highly sophisticated technology. They generate extremely high pressure, which is comparable to the force of a rhinoceros balancing on a fingertip. Additionally, the precision of modern Bosch diesel systems is unbeaten: during the blink of an eye, the system injects a small amount of fuel approximately 25 times.

Bosch Ve Fuel Injection Pump Manuall


Bosch uses the mechanical, thermal, hydraulic and electromechanical libraries of Simcenter Amesim to model multidomain components of the injector, rail and pump. Simcenter Amesim helps specialists to study the dynamic subsystem and system behavior depending on the injection rate, pressure and injected fuel quantity. Using Simcenter Amesim, they also validate the control strategies of components, such as a pressure regulator.

Among the examples of Siemens Digital Industries Software helping Bosch improve its simulation process is the coupling of Simcenter Amesim with a multi-body simulation (MBS) tool to design pumps. Previously, engineers struggled with a cumbersome, iterative process without direct dynamic coupling between two simulation environments. For each load case, boundary conditions, such as the pressure, were generated with Simcenter Amesim and had to be manually updated for use by the MBS tool, which resulted in high simulation costs and a long development cycle.


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