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Kai Stewart
Kai Stewart

Dj Sean Marshall Mixtapes ##VERIFIED##

DJ Chippie, Bubbling One Moortje is a founding father, to be sure, but he's not the only game in town. Other DJs and producers such as Chippie, Memmie, and later Coversquad and Chuckie, helped to shape bubbling into a veritable genre with conventions and creative possibilities all its own. DJ Chippie was one of bubbling's foremost imagineers, deeply influential as a maker of carefully crafted mixtapes packed with resonant samples from across the wide world of black pop. This particular hour-long mix (30 minutes for each side of the cassette) showcases Chippie's polyglot style, hiphop breaks mingling with fragmented, chipmunked dancehall, and tempos galloping in the 130s.

dj sean marshall mixtapes



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