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[S6E10] Remand

Later, Marks tells Rockwell that Taradash's loyalties were split. Costello was popular, while Munoz was a nuisance that he was forced to defend. McCoy says that Mallory and Munoz both thought that Taradash could be impartial. Rockwell asks McCoy why Munoz, if he knew of the conflict, waited thirty years to seek a new trial. McCoy says that he might not have known he could do that until Marks told him. Marks then argues that, even if Munoz gave a waiver, he only has a sixth-grade education and would have done whatever Taradash told him. She insists that Mallory should have advised Taradash to withdraw. McCoy says that the verdict would have been the same with another lawyer, since Taradash did everything properly. Rockwell cuts him off. After a moment, he decides to remand the case for a new trial.

[S6E10] Remand

Mr. Costello listens in the audience as Franks reads that Munoz originally went for an insanity defense. Marks says that Munoz is now pleading 'not guilty.' Kincaid wants Munoz remanded, since he already confessed. Marks argues that Munoz spent thirty years in jail and has earned some time away from it, but Franks doesn't care. Munoz is remanded. Kincaid approaches Marks. 041b061a72


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