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Season Of The Witch

Season of the Witch is a 2011 American supernatural action-adventure film starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, and directed by Dominic Sena.[3] Cage and Perlman star as Teutonic Knights who return from the Crusades to find their homeland devastated by the Black Death. Two church elders accuse a young woman (Claire Foy) of being a witch responsible for the plague. They command the two knights to transport her to a distant monastery so the monks can lift her curse.[4] The film reunited Sena and Cage, who had previously worked together on Gone in 60 Seconds.

Season Of The Witch

In Villach in the 13th century, three women are accused by a priest of witchcraft. The first confesses in an attempt to earn mercy. The second claims she made ointments but not magic potions. The third, a hag with a blind eye, does not deny the charge and curses the priest. All three are first hanged and then drowned. The priest pulls the three hanged corpses from the water for a religious ritual so they can never return to life. The priest performs the ritual on each using The Key of Solomon. The first shows no sign of life. The hag's body vomits and twitches violently. The third corpse, the woman who had claimed to be an ointment maker, takes on a demonic appearance, sets the book on fire, and hangs the priest.

Traveling through Styria in Austria, Behmen and Felson encounter the sight of those infected with the Black Death, learning that the plague has swept the Holy Roman Empire. Trying to conceal their identities as deserters, Behmen's known sword crest reveals that they are crusader knights. They are arrested and taken to Cardinal D'Ambroise, who is near death from the plague. The Cardinal asks the knights to escort an alleged witch, suspected of causing the pestilence, to a remote monastery, where a group of monks can determine if she is truly a witch. If found guilty, they can perform a sacred ritual to cancel her powers and stop the plague. Both knights agree under the condition that she be given a fair trial and the charges of desertion against them be dropped. The Cardinal agrees, and they are accompanied by the priest Debelzaq; the altar boy, Kay von Wollenbarth, who wants to become a knight like his deceased father; another knight, Sir Johann Eckhardt, whose family was killed by the Black Death; finally, Hagamar, a well-traveled swindler, who will serve as their guide in return for his pardon. The young woman Anna from Marburg shows hatred towards Debelzaq, while forming a connection with Behmen.

At the monastery, the men discover that all the monks have succumbed to the plague. They locate the ancient volume, The Key of Solomon, filled with the holy rituals used to defeat evil. Debelzaq begins speaking the ritual used on witches. In a deep voice, Anna begins recounting Behmen's horror of Crusader cruelties, just as Debelzaq realizes that she is not a witch, but has been possessed by a demon. He frantically performs an exorcism. The demon that is possessing Anna finally reveals its form and melts the cage's metal, escaping, while fighting off the knights. When Debelzaq throws a container of holy water on it, the demon flies screeching out of sight. As the men search for it, they realize it is not trying to escape, but to destroy the book so that nothing can kill it. They find a room where the monks were making copies for others to use. The demon destroys the copies and possesses the dead monks to use as weapons. The three men fight the monks' possessed corpses, as Debelzaq continues the exorcism ritual. The demon snaps Debelzaq's neck and incinerates Felson. Kay continues the ritual, weakening it. Behmen fights the demon and is mortally wounded by it. Kay finishes the ritual, and the demon is consumed by holy fire. Behmen asks Kay to keep Anna safe just before he dies. After their fallen friends are buried, Anna asks Kay to tell her about the men who saved her. They both leave the monastery, the Book of Solomon safely in Kay's possession for mankind to use against the forces of evil.

Foy appears in her feature-film debut as the young woman who is accused of being a witch. Known for her titular role in the British miniseries Little Dorrit, she met Sena and sought the role in Season of the Witch. She explained the choice, "It's quite a manipulative role. The character does a lot of manipulating, pitting other people against each other, being quite mischievous... That was something I thought would obviously be good to do".[13] Foy researched witchcraft and demonic possession for the role. She described its appeal, "Playing a character that was making things happen, and mainly in control of an entire group of men. And for once, be the character that is completely in the know about everything. There is nothing that she doesn't know. Nothing is a surprise. And she is able to deal with every single situation that arises the way that she sees fit. And I think that was quite refreshing to be able to play a character that wasn't entirely beholden to everyone else".[14]

Writing for The Observer, Mark Kermode described it as "like a cross between Michael Reeves's brilliant Witchfinder General and Renny Harlin's abysmal Exorcist: The Beginning, with a fair (if unintentional) sprinkling of Monty Python and the Holy Grail thrown in for good measure... It's all utter balderdash from start to finish, with everyone sporting terrible period haircuts, and characters appearing and disappearing in a manner which suggests that the editors' minds were on other things; namely, the big finale which is, sadly, a bit rubbish".[35] Salon's Andrew O'Hehir thought the film "resembles a Hollywood-by-way-of-Hungary remake of Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal filtered through the B-movie aesthetic of, say, Roger Corman". O'Hehir wrote, "Season of the Witch is an unremitting schlockfest, full of blood and filth, bloated, purulent corpses, ghastly one-eyed witches and undead monks. If there were more such Corman-esque thrills and chills, and a whole bunch less ponderous Bergman references, we'd all be better off".[36]

They have an excellent reason for ending up here, of all places: Why, this is the very same town of the pre-title sequence! Where three women were forced to confess to witchcraft, thrown backward off a bridge with nooses around their necks, hung dead and then prudently drowned in the river below! We liberals are earnestly deploring the superstition that forced them to confess Salem-style, until they spring back up from the dark waters, and, hey, they actually were witches. Sometimes Glenn Beck is right.

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