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Clinical Casebook Of Couple Therapy NEW!

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Clinical Casebook of Couple Therapy

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The essential guide to successful couples therapy at every stage of the lifecycle A variety of therapeutic interventions can help couples develop the tools for a successful relationship. Yet many practitioners begin seeing couples without extensive training in couples work. To fill this gap in their therapeutic repertoires, noted couples therapist Michele Harway brings together other well-known experts in marriage and family therapy to offer the Handbook of Couples Therapy, a comprehensive guide to the study and practice of couples therapy.

MICHELE HARWAY, PhD, is a well-regarded scholar in the field of couples therapy. Her research and writings on domestic violence are highly praised, and she conducts seminars across the country on treating the domestic abuse couple. She is currently, Director of the Clinical Program at Antioch University. Awarded the 1998 Family Psychologist of the Year Award by Division 43 of the APA, she is also the Division''s past president (2000). Currently, she is the treasurer of APA Division 51 (Men and Masculinity). She also maintains a private practice.

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