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Flushed Torrent

Founded on November 25th, 2016, RED is a private BitTorrent site with a large selection of music, comic books, software, audiobooks, and eBooks. With fast download speeds, well-seeded torrents, and a wide selection of music files encoded in a variety of formats, RED is a paradise for music lovers.

Flushed torrent


All the un-flushed data (about 80% of the total) was lost and had to be downloaded again. When the download finished, the torrent went back to "flushing" status. After about 15 minutes, it finally went green and all the files I requested were available.

Each torrent gets assigned a health status showing its status using colors. The health reflects the connection status of that torrent. Typically, all your torrents will have the same status after a while, but that may depend on the swarm size etc. The important part is that the "best" status you reach tells you most about the correctness of your network settings. The goal is to reach green health .

The "smiley" icon can be seen e.g. in Library, in My torrents, in torrent details etc. If you do not have the smiley visible by default, you can add the Health column to the table by using Column setup.

Note: Some small torrents will never attain green status, simply because there are no remote connections to connect to. For example, if there is only one active peer in addition to you, and you manage to connect to him first, then there is nobody to contact you, and the status will remain yellow.

One of the most typical errors you may receive is that of "Invalid passkey" or "Unauthorized torrent". You may receive them, if you try to use such .torrent files, which use a private tracker. If you have not received the .torrent file directly from the private tracker web site, it is possible that the private tracker will reject your connection attempt as it is not your personalised copy of that torrent. (The torrent has been created for somebody else, who has then shared it with you either directly or by uploading it to an index site where you have then found it.)

It gives you angry dark red health icon and the Error message in "Error: Data Missing ". Vuze should offer you the option to "Change Data Directory" in the torrent's context menu. Use it to point the torrent to the correct place for the data files.

If the tracker status of a torrent is "error (invalid port)" then you need to go to Tools > Options > Connection > Proxy options and uncheck "inform tracker of limitation". This may only happen when the proxy is enabled?


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