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Smartlink’s Brendan Kelly and Cal Ripken Jr. Team Up for Iron Men Web Series


For Immediate Release: November 18th, 2020


ANNAPOLIS, MD. (November 18th, 2020) – Smartlink, the leading national provider of asset inventory and management, network services, network real estate and IT staffing support to the wireless infrastructure sector, today released episode one of Iron Men, a limited web series headlining Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. and Smartlink CEO Brendan Kelly as they talk sports and business over the decades of their respective careers.

The year 2020 marks Smartlink’s 20th anniversary in business, as well as Cal Ripken Jr’s 25th anniversary of breaking the 2131 record of most consecutive MLB games played. Milestone years for both parties, Ripken and Kelly sit down for an authentic conversation around the hurdles of building a business and brand in the explosive industries of sports and telecommunications.

Set on the water in their hometown of downtown Annapolis, both “Iron Men” share stories from the road to their accomplishments with the underlying theme of true entrepreneurialism and a significant sports tie-in. The series reveals surprising similarities in Ripken’s journey to become baseball’s “Iron Man,” to the hurdles and accomplishments Kelly experienced in growing his businesses over the last two decades.

“This is an important year for Smartlink. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in telecom, reminiscing about how far we’ve come and how much the industry has changed—while at the same time remaining laser-focused on continuing to mobilize our teams nationally in support of keeping America connected during this pandemic,” said Kelly. “To take the time to sit back and reflect with Cal and share our experiences made me remember things I hadn’t thought about in years. He shared stories I’ve never heard him tell!”

Kelly went on to say, “This series isn’t just for baseball fans or telecom execs – We realized by the end of the conversation it had become about overcoming challenges, learning lessons from those who have come before you, and how to keep your mind right and your motivation strong in the face of challenges.”

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